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[15] 2/9

投稿者: David 投稿日:2018年 2月10日(土)11時30分31秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

午後初級:-p116:1, HW p117:3,:119:2
午後中級:-p107, HW Reading:Drinking Problem, leader Kochan
夜間初級:-p27: 3, HW p27: 4, p29:2
夜間中級:-Islam fashion,  HW Unit 3-4, Reading: Drinking Problem, leader: Kiki Unit 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N88ccQ_Yoj0&t=40s
                       Unit 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCxPvA_f81g&t=34s
            New textbooks are 3456yen (including tax) Can you bring 3500yen (I will prepare change)

[14] 2/2

投稿者: David 投稿日:2018年 2月 3日(土)18時10分35秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

午後初級:-p111:HW p113:2:3
午後中級:-p107:2, HW p109:3 Reading:Bridging the Divide, leader Reiko
夜間初級:-p24, HW p23: 3, p27:3
夜間中級:-Unit 1-2 review and discussion,  HW Unit 3-4, Reading: Bridging the Divide, Burka, leader: Motoko Unit 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N88ccQ_Yoj0&t=40s
                       Unit 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCxPvA_f81g&t=34s


[13] 1/26

投稿者: David 投稿日:2018年 1月27日(土)21時20分35秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

When is it going to get warm?
午後初級:-p109:HW dictation p109:2:3, p111:3
午後中級:-p105:1, HW p107:2 Reading:The Time Has Come, leader Kazuo
夜間初級:-p22: 1, HW p23: 2, What's new?
夜間中級:-p150: HW DVD 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfKyA26v2FI&t=11s ,2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8niHAGxCB0&t=34s, Reading: The Time Has Come, leader Zuru
Here is a video for this week:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbEzx75vo1c click the CC at the bottom right side of the screen for closed captions!

[12] 1/19

投稿者: David 投稿日:2018年 1月21日(日)16時36分0秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

It has been very cold. Try to stay warm!!!
午後初級:-p108:1 HW p108:1D,p109:2, New Year's Resolution, Motchy's speech
午後中級:-p104:1, HW p105:3,4 Reading:Mind Games, leader Kazuo
夜間初級:-p20: 1, HW p21: 3
夜間中級:-p120: 4, p121:3, HW Reading: Mind Games, New Year's Resolution, leader Fumiko
Here is a video for this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALQeX7IFBcg or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ8Xqzb2XSU&t=31s


[11] 1/12

投稿者: David 投稿日:2018年 1月13日(土)21時16分45秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

It has been very cold. Try to stay warm!!!
午後初級:-p107:4 HW p107:3, New Year's Resolution, Lilly's speech
午後中級:-p101: 4 HW Reading: Zap, New Year's Resolution, leader Kazuko
夜間初級:-p18: 1, HW p19: 3, memorize p18:1 with different phrase
夜間中級:-p119: 5, HW Reading: Zap, New Year's Resolution, leader Kitty

Did everyone watch this video?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr73YYcImyk


[10] 1/5

投稿者: David 投稿日:2018年 1月 8日(月)16時32分19秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

午後初級:-p102:1 HW p102:2, 3, New Year's Resolution, Ako's speech
午後中級:-p100: 1B HW p101: 2, New Year's Resolution, leader Kimiko
夜間初級:-p17: 4, HW p19: 3, New Year's Resolution, Skype English
夜間中級:-p118: 1, HW p119: 3, New Year's Resolution, leader Sergey



[9] 12/15

投稿者: David 投稿日:2017年12月16日(土)10時51分26秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!
午後初級:-p101:5 HW p101: 3
午後中級:-97: 4 HW p98: 1, p99:3, leader Kochan
夜間初級:-p14: 2, HW p16: 1,p17:3   Skype English
夜間中級:-p116: 1c, HW p117: 2, p118:1 leader ??
Enjoy this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycVc1jsaAA0


[8] (無題)

投稿者: 12/8 投稿日:2017年12月10日(日)16時23分27秒 p5010075-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

Listen to the Christmas Song!
午後初級:-p99:3 HW p99: 2,p100:1, speech writing, song previous HW
午後中級:-97: 3 HW Song,  leader Kazuo, Song, next week p96
夜間初級:-p13: 2, HW p13: 3,4, Song
夜間中級:-p114: 1 HW p115: 3 leader who?
Speak English with Strangers!

[7] 11/17

投稿者: David 投稿日:2017年11月19日(日)16時10分53秒 p5015189-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用   編集済

Don't forget that we meet next on 12/1. Also speak English outside class!
午後初級:-p93 HW p93: 2,3 Naoko's speech writing
午後中級:-95: 4 HW p97: 3 leader Yoshiko
夜間初級:-p9 HW p11: 3
夜間中級:-p114: 1 HW p115: 3 leader Sergey
全クラス:Can you find this movie? Soul Man(ミスターソールマン)1986

[6] 11/10

投稿者: David 投稿日:2017年11月11日(土)18時19分14秒 p5015189-ipngn2602marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

Don't forget to speak English outside class!
午後初級:-p91 HW p92A-C
午後中級:-94 leader Kimiko
夜間初級:-p8 C HW p8 D
夜間中級:-p111 HW leader Miki-chan
全クラス:Movie Soul Man(ミスターソールマン)1986


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